Ardeshir Radpour - Producer, Actor, Stuntman, Horseman, Polo Player, Movies, Television, Commercials, Production, Film

Ardeshir Radpour Bio
Ardeshir Radpour Bio

Mr. Radpour is an entertainment industry professional with an extensive background in many different departments.  Coupled with his business history he has forged a natural path towards film production.



Mr. Radpour is an entertainment professional with extensive networks in the industry.  Film and Televsion experience and his previous business history have forged a natural path towards film production.  Prior to a full time career in the entertainment field, Mr. Radpour was the Managing Director and Founding Partner of Tridian Design and Development. Tridian was privately held company and one of the first and leading Internet Design and Development firms in Los Angeles.  Tridian maintained a client list of Fortune 500 clients ranging from top tier entertainment and media clients, automotive, manufacturing, retail, educational, hospitality, manufacturing and defense contractors.

Mr. Radpour holds two undergraduate degrees from the University of Southern California in Political Science and History with emphasis in Business.  He also holds a graduate degree from California State University Northridge in Political Science with a focus in political structure and regime creation.  While attending the University of Southern California, Mr. Radpour was on the Equestrian Polo Team and has played professionally for over 25 years.  After USC, Mr. Radpour became the assistant coach and in 1999 was promoted to the Head Coaching Position at USC.  Mr. Radpour was also one of the most renowned Trojan Riders of Traveler, the famed USC Mascot.

In 2008 Mr. Radpour made a full time transition into the entertainment industry building an extensive resume in feature films, television and commercials and pursuing a path towards film production.  In 2011 Mr. Radpour met and joined forces with Gunnar Ryan Wiik, the founder of WR Entertainment and was announced as one of the in house producers for their production list of feature films.  Mr. Radpour has built an extensive network of extremely high net worth and influential individuals within the financial, polo and entertainment industries.