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Ryan Wiik (Gunnar Ryan Wiik) - Actor, Writer, Producer and Entrepreneur
Ryan Wiik (Gunnar Ryan Wiik) - Actor, Writer, Producer and Entrepreneur


Gunnar Ryan Wiik born September 23, 1981, also known as Ryan Wiik, is an actor, producer and entrepreneur best known for founding the publicly traded entertainment company WR Entertainment.

With only a fistful of dollars in his pocket, Wiik moved from his native Europe to Hollywood in 2006. He was a trained actor who had studied in Australia, acted in a number of independent European films known only in festival circuits, and he was completely unknown in America.  Within months, Wiik was cast in the American feature thriller, TimberFalls. It was a role that brought Wiik appreciative notices, but Wiik learned that not everyone in Hollywood shared his passion for making great films. He decided to go in another direction, and it was a long journey… into the storm where creativity and money must come together in a delicate dance of movie commerce.

During the peak of the 2008 financial crisis, Wiik raised over a USD 1 million in working capital for his initial development company, Without You LLC. The LLC’s only assets were the screenplay Frank, in which Wiik was attached to co-star. By 2009, the LLC had been acquired by WR Films Entertainment Group, Inc.. It was a com- pany where Wiik’s partners were former top-level senior executives from Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures and Caesars Palace. Wiik led both the creative film development, and WR’s equity raises of multi-million deals. In the process Wiik and his partners increased the firm’s market value with the acquisition of the screen and eBook rights to Morgan Kane, an international best-selling series of 83 book titles. Written by the Norwegian author Louis Masterson, the Morgan Kane books had sold more than 22 million copies in Europe by the time WR acquired the franchise. The books constitute one of the most popular franchise properties ever – ranking among the 50 best-selling book series of all time.

Wiik continued to lead growth and expansion to WR, resulting in the formation of WR Entertainment ASA in February 2015, a Norwegian public company which subsequently acquired WR Films Entertainment Group, Inc. Wiik ensured that all original investors which financed his development company in 2007, had been offered participation in a series of private placement offerings, to the effect that all original shareholders are today the owners of the public parent, WR Entertainment ASA.